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  • Buying a home can be overwhelming at times. We can guide you through this process.  Just tell us how we can help you finding your new home in South Florida


  • Begin obtaining a pre-approval letter is one of the most important items needed to purchase a house! It shows you’re a serious buyer and can afford the home you are submitting an offer for. This will save time in the home search and improve your negotiating position with home sellers. Once you meet with us, we can recommend local lender who have can assist you.


  • Look for Your Perfect Home, start by deciding which neighborhoods you want to live in and whether you want a new or existing home. Here is where I can match your needs to the right home. You will have full access to our MLS Buyer Portal with a secure password to save your favorite homes.


  • Make an Offer, when you find your dream home, you should present a competitive offer immediately. I will represent you during contract negotiations. I’ll advocate for you and ensure the terms are in your best interest. The process may include community information, comparable market analysis on homes you are considering, to initial contract offers, moving time considerations, and special needs contract terms, such as needing to sell an existing home or of financing options.


  • Sign the Contract, the seller accepts your offer, and you go “under contract.” We will ensure your home closes properly and on time. At this time, you’ll provide an “earnest money” deposit to show the seller your serious intent. Escrow is when an impartial third party holds on to funds and distributes them accordingly to process a transaction. This fund, also known as earnest money, is a form of good faith that the buyer will hold for the seller.


  • When you purchase a home, there will be closing costs which include fees for processing, title insurance, closing, title search, mortgage taxes, appraisals, and more. Within closing costs, there are third-party fees that come from companies that don’t work for mortgage lenders yet provide essential services like escrow.


  • Walk-through the home inspection process mediating and mitigating with seller any issues the buyer finds concerning Additionally, you’ll need to arrange insurance for your new home. Your title insurance company will provide a Commitment for Title Insurance for you to review.


  • Closing time, possession of your new home will occur when your lender releases funds to the seller. This can often happen the same day you sign the closing documents. Once this is complete, the next step you will take will be over the threshold of your new home.


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